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Distilling whiskey was only the beginning of a journey that taught us about the challenges faced by farmers practicing traditional cultivation methods in the 21st century.  


In 2017, we began a years-long film project that culminated in The Keepers of Corn, a documentary that spotlights the importance of preserving Mexico’s native seed varieties.

The final edit was completed in 2020. 

We are proud of the fact that the documentary has been featured at independent film festivals around the world: SUNCINE Environmental Film Festival in Mexico and Spain (in coordination with the Cineteca Nacional), International Multicultural Film Festival in Australia, Amazonia de Plata Film Festival in Argentina, Seattle Latino Film Festival, Orange County Film Festival, Montreal Independent Film Festival, Asinkaba Indigenous Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada, Sürdürülebilir YASAM Sustainable Life Film Festival in Turkey, Mendocino Film Festival, Native Spirit Film Festival in London, the  International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management Film Series in collaboration with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and Celebrate Mexico Now Film Festival in New York

At the 27th Red Nation International Film Festival, we were awarded “Best International Documentary Feature Film”.

Los Guardianes del Maíz 2020.

The Keepers of Corn 2020.

Documentary by Gustavo Vázquez

Produced by Jonathan Barbieri & Yira Vallejo

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